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Help Needed: Virtual Reference Companion - Tips & Best Practices

Since 2006, the Virtual Reference Tutorial Subcommittee has been working on online resources for support of VR librarians.  It began with the Virtual Reference Adventure: Choose Your Own Experience, and the latest version is called the Virtual Reference Companion: A Guide for VR Coordinators and Librarians, or VRC, and can be found at http://www.ala.org/rusa/vrc.


The Subcommittee has worked hard on this resource and is looking for feedback.  We have a section for Tips & Best Practices and would really love to include what practitioners from the field have to say.  We will be presenting at the RUSA MARS Virtual Reference Discussion Group at the 2014 ALA Annual Conference and will be asking for tips and feedback in that forum.  We would like to continue the discussion here using ALA Connect.  Please feel free to check out the VRC and provide tips & best practices for any of the modules (see contents on the left side of the VRC) or on any other VR topic. 


Thanks for your help!

Virtual Reference Tutorial Subcommittee

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Tip: Use mutliple browser tabs rather than multiple browser windows when providing live chat/instant messaging reference service. Moving seamlessly between the chat interface and online resources within a single browser window seems to keep the "dead air" in the conversation to a minimum because one isn't clicking through lots of open windows on the computer desktop.