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Strategic Planning Process

I am attaching a copy of a proposed strategic planning process document that is being distributed to committees, divisions, round tables and other member groups. I am attaching it, as the version I just attempted to upload appears to not be available.

With the current ALA strategic plan extending through August 2015, we will be working over the next twelve months with members, committees, divisions, round tables and chapter and affiliates on our next plan for the Association. Our goal here will be an updated “Strategic Directions” document for approval by Council at the 2015 Annual Conference in San Francisco.

The attached memo from President Barbara Stripling and President Elect Courtney Young provides an overview of the proposed planning process, as well as an overview of the various activities that we will be undertaking during the coming year. Among these activities are working sessions planned for Council and the Planning and Budget Assembly at the Midwinter 2015 meeting. Providing a wide range of face to face and virtual discussion options, our goal is to allow as many members as possible to be involved in planning for the future of the Association.

These materials have been distributed to the Planning and Budget Assembly members, and will be distributed to committees, divisions, round tables, chapters and affiliates, as well as to the membership at large.

strategic planning process 6-20-14.pdf129.38 KB
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Can I share with my STATE organization....though I know not all of them are members...didn't know if this was a "member only" document.  Please advise..thanks!  

Sue Kowalski, Pine Grove Middle School Librarian

President NYLA-SSL