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Technical Services Directors of Large Research Libraries Interest Group Agenda--2014 Annual

ALCTS Technical Services Directors of Large Research Libraries Interest Group

Friday, June 27, 2014

8:30 – 11:30 AM

Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel, Virginia City rooms 1-2



8:30-8:40         Introductions & Announcements (10 min.) 

8:40-9:00         Update on 2CUL Technical Services Integration (Jim LeBlanc, Bob Wolven)

9:00-9:20         How do we acquire things from non-traditional sources?  What are people doing? (Bob Wolven)

9:20-9:40         “We are devoting more and more time and people to moving data from one system to another, data wrangling”  (Lisa German)

9:40-10:10       Transforming Technical Services: Evolving Functions in Large Research University Libraries* (Jee Davis)

10:10-10:25     Break

10:25-10:55     BIBFRAME Status and Opportunities for Big Heads Institutions (Catherine Tierney, Phil Schreur)

10:55-11:15     New ideas on authority work from a PCC committee (Marty Kurth, John Riemer)

11:15-11:25     Agenda building for Midwinter

11:25-11:30     Election of a new Vice-Chair

*Abstract: The functions of Technical Services have evolved as economics and technology continuously affect libraries. This study investigates how the area of Technical Services in large research university libraries are adapting to support the changing roles of academic libraries. The members of the ALCTS Technical Services Directors of Large Research Libraries Interest Group from the 25 university libraries were contacted for this study, and 19 of 25 invitees completed an hour-long interview. This study identifies various new and emerging TS functions and a number of the factors that greatly impact TS areas both now and in the near future. This research also points out various desirable skills needed by Technical Services personnel.