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Network Neutrality materials for Annual 2014

Network neutrality (NN):  The debate over how to maintain an open Internet is once again before the Federal Communciations Commission (FCC) with a recent Notice of Proposed Rulemaking announcment.  That means that NN is also on agendas of the Committee on Legislation (COL) and the Intellectual Freedom Committee (IFC) for meetings at Annual 2014.  While ALA already has a resolution supporting of NN and a history public positions to Congress and the FCC on the issue, it is likely that a resolutions will be brought jointly by the two committees for consideration by ALA's government body, the ALA Council. 

As ALA members start work on a resolution and other statements of support, documents will be added to ALA Connect.  For background as well as links to the latest DISTRICT DISPATCH blogs on NN issues please refer to the following Washington Office web page:


Lynne Bradley, Director

ALA Office of Government Relations - Washington Office

June 19, 2014