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ALSC 2014 Annual Conference Board of Directors Meeting Agenda and Documents

Edited 2/3/2015. The final approved minutes from the 2014 Annual meeting have been uploaded.


Attached you will find the ALSC Board of Directors' 2014 Annual Conference agenda and documents.

Draft Agenda

Consent agenda documents

DOC 4 Approval of Board minutes from Midwinter 2014                                                                       

DOC 5 Review of Spring Executive Committee 2014 minutes                                                     

DOC 6 President’s Report                                                                                                 

DOC 7 Vice-President’s Report

DOC 8 Division Councilor’s Report         

DOC 9 Executive Director’s Report                                                                                                          

DOC 10  Emerging Leader Report

DOC 11 Continuing Education Report

DOC 12 Communications Report

DOC 13 Membership Report                                                                                                        

DOC 14 Projects & Partnerships Report

DOC 15 Publications Report

DOC 16 Web Activities Report

DOC 17 Committee Quarterly Reports (legal paper, 20 pages)

DOC 18 Confirm Major Board Actions Passed Electronically

DOC 19 Upcoming Meetings and Conferences                                                                            

Discussion/Decision documents

DOC 20 Emerging Leaders Project Report

DOC 21 Notable Children’s Book List

DOC 21 a Past NCB survey results

DOC 22 Access to ALSC Matters!

DOC 23 Carnegie Medal

DOC 23a Referenced historical Carnegie background attachment from 1989

DOC 26 Bridging the 30 Million Word Gap

DOC 27 Save the Children’s Get Ready Get Safe Partnership Request

DOC 27a Save the Children’s Get Ready Get Safe Partnership Proposal

DOC 28 Frequency of the Wilder Award Task Force Report

DOC 28a Draft 2-year timeline                                                                                                     

DOC 32a Budget Summary                                                                                                         

DOC 32b Budget Summary Narrative

DOC 32 c Endowment Report (legal paper, PDF is 3rd quarter only, excel has full workbook)    

DOC 38 ALA Scholarship Committee Request

Old business documents

DOC 39 Take Your Child to the Library Proposal

Onsite Documents

DOC 32d Budget Committee Notes for ALSC Board

O&B Onsite Motion-Collection of Children's Books for Adult Research Discussion Group

O&B Onsite Motion-Children's Book Discussion Group

O&B Onsite Motion-Local Arrangements

Agenda_Board_AC14_june24.pdf98.53 KB
DOC 4 Board of Directors DRAFT Meeting Minutes_apr18.pdf200.42 KB
DOC 5 Draft 2014 spring call Executive Committee minutes.pdf238.58 KB
DOC 6 President report.pdf115.72 KB
DOC 7 VP Report AC14.pdf365.45 KB
DOC 8 Councilor Report AC14.pdf72.68 KB
DOC 9 Executive Directors Report.pdf201.25 KB
DOC 10 Emerging Leaders Report.pdf53.35 KB
DOC 11 Continuing Education.pdf495.67 KB
DOC 12 Communications Report.pdf343.04 KB
DOC 13 Membership Report.pdf346.96 KB
DOC 14 Projects & Partnerships.pdf652.05 KB
DOC 15 Publications Report.pdf312.09 KB
DOC 16 Web Activities Report.pdf93.75 KB
DOC 17 Quarterly Committee Reports Legal Size paper Long Document 20 pages.pdf460.81 KB
DOC 18 Confirm Major Board Actions Passed Electronically.pdf152.14 KB
DOC 19 Upcoming ALA Annual Conference and Midwinter Meeting.pdf84.04 KB
DOC 20 Emerging Leaders Project Report.pdf1.2 MB
DOC 21 Notable Books List 2014 issue of number of books.pdf656.81 KB
DOC 21a Concern about length award books survey results from 2005.pdf379.04 KB
DOC 22 ALSC Matters.pdf798.61 KB
DOC 23 Carnegie Medal.pdf433.38 KB
DOC 23a Quality Videos for Children Problem to Solve.pdf528.68 KB
DOC 26 30MillionWordGap.pdf216.97 KB
DOC 27 Save The Children Request.pdf443.74 KB
DOC 27a Save the Children Proposal.pdf218.89 KB
DOC 28 Frequency of Wilder Award TF Report.pdf199.07 KB
DOC 28a Draft 2-Year Wilder Timeline.pdf160.75 KB
DOC 32a Budget Summary FY13 close_14 3rd qtr_15_prelim.pdf89.53 KB
DOC 32b Budget Summary Narrative.pdf316.5 KB
DOC 32c Endowments_FY14_3rdqtr.pdf114.86 KB
DOC 32c Endowments_FY14_3rdqtr.xls225.5 KB
DOC 38 ALA Scholarship Committee Request.docx18.75 KB
DOC 39 TakeYourChildToTheLibraryDay.docx20.21 KB
DOC 32d Budget Committee Notes Onsite.pdf725.49 KB
O & B Onsite Motion-Collection of Childrens Book Discussion Group.pdf558.21 KB
O & B Onsite Motion-Childrens Book Discussion Group.pdf545.46 KB
O & B Onsite Motion-Local Arrangements.pdf469.05 KB
Final Annual Conference Board of Directors Minutes.pdf555.6 KB