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Please share new Info Lit Framework

Dear Liaison Coordinating Committee,

I wanted to be sure you saw the message I posted in the assembly group asking them to reach out to their organizations to share news of the latest draft of the info lit framework. The message is posted below.


Mary Ellen


Dear ACRL Liaisons,

 We have just released a revised draft of the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education (read more at http://www.acrl.ala.org/acrlinsider/archives/8911 ). and I need your help in reaching out to the most appropriate contacts at the associations to which you are liaisons.

Please adapt as appropriate the message below and send to your contacts asking them to help spread the word within their associations. Or if you can post directly to the most appropriate email lists for committees, discussion groups, etc. for your target association, please post your own announcement asking for members to read and comment on the new Framework.

 Many thanks,

Mary Ellen



 Subject: draft framework for information literacy from ACRL

 Hi X,

 I’m writing to you today about the Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education, first adopted by the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) in 2000. This document has become an essential document related to the emergence of information literacy as a recognized learning outcome at many institutions of higher education. The ACRL Board of Directors has appointed a task force to significantly revise the standards in order to address the changing information climate and information needs of students.

 We recently announced that a draft Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education is available for review and feedback, due July 15. We are also holding online hearings July 7 and 11 for all stakeholders to learn more about the direction the task force is taking and, most importantly, to share their input, reactions, and questions. Please see more in the full press release at http://www.acrl.ala.org/acrlinsider/archives/8911 .

 While we’ve promoted this to academic librarians through our channels, information literacy is a campus wide concern and we want to be sure we reach the widest possible audience, including higher education stakeholders.

 Are you able to help us promote this on your lists/newsletter/blog/social media outlets? Feel free to simply copy and paste the full press release, or amend if you think there is better language to use in communicating with your members so they see the connection to their issues and work.

 Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have questions or concerns. I appreciate you helping us spread the word on this important work of ACRL.