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Pre-work and meeting materials, Annual 2014 Board Meetings

Hello, everyone!

Annual 2014 is coming up fast! Below are the meeting agendas (ExCo included FYI--please attend if you can) and links to pertinent documents.  Please read in detail and be prepared to vote and/or discuss. See you in Vegas, baby!

Questions? Please ask in the comments. Guests and guest questions welcome!

Before you leave for Vegas:

General documents (NTS: we should periodically review and re-adopt these)

Meeting Agendas

Consent Agenda

Assessment and Research Committee Data Dashboard (login required for now; PDF)

Budgety stuff

ITTS Report 

Liaison reports - Please consider writing up a quick update of your committee's activities in the Discussion Board area and link from here.  

Items from Council

Orientation Materials

Past meeting "tickler" lists:

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I have opened a discussion thread for our liaison reports and added mine: here you go.

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