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ALA Annual 2014 Meeting Agenda - ALCTS/LITA Metadata Standards Committee

ALCTS/LITA Metadata Standards Committee

ALA Annual 2014, Las Vegas
Sunday, June 29, 1:00-2:30pm
Las Vegas Convention Center N234

PLEASE NOTE: We will not be providing paper copies of the agenda or past minutes at our meeting. Please have them available on your electronic device of choice or print them for your own use.

Some links to documents in this agenda may point to content for which only committee members currently have access.


  1. Approval of minutes from ALA Midwinter 2014
  2. Thank you to outgoing committee members
  3. Welcome of incoming members
  4. Possible joint statement with PCC on ISBD punctuation, discussion with PCC Chair Beth Camden
  5. Report for PCC Task Group on the Creation and Function of Name Authorities in a Non-MARC Environment, discussion with incoming MSC co-chair Jennifer Liss
  6. Current awareness site 
    1. DLF session on new modes of publishing, Jenn invited to speak about this site
    2. Finalize project scope document drafted by Erik, and update timeline
    3. Update on hosting plans from Kevin
    4. Review methods for assigning editors proposed by Jenn
    5. Brainstorm possible names
  7. Sponsoring programming at future conferences

Notetaker: Amy Rudersdorf