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Agenda: Reference Sources and Services Committee Meeting- ALA Annual 2014

Saturday, June 28, 2014
9:30 am to 10:30 am

Where: Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, Pavilion 11

Committee membership: Erica A. Carlson Nicol, Maud Choice Mundava (Co-Chairs), Katelyn Mary Angell, Lisa Burgert, Christina Cicchetti, Melissa Anne D'Agostino

I. Welcome and Introductions:

II. Announcements/ News

III. Review of Mid Winter Conference 2014 Minutes

IV. Updates: Current Projects

A. Statistical Directory for Education and Social Science Librarians

Other categories

B. Education Librarian’s Toolbox http://wikis.ala.org/acrl/index.php/Education_Librarian%27s_Toolbox

IV. Possible New Projects

 The two main ideas for 2013-2014 projects are as follows:

  • Compile      a list of key reference works or Top Ten Reference Works for Education and      Social Sciences noting which are in print only, in print and online, or      online only.
  • Survey      the ways in which reference works are used in online guides, such as      LibGuides.

V. Check-In Virtual Meeting

Meeting adjourns

Annual 2014Meeting agenda.doc29 KB
Melissa DAgostino (non-member)'s picture

I am unable to attend ALA Annual this year - will there be a way to attend this meeting virtually?  Thanks!  - Melissa

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Thanks for letting me know. if we have Internet access in that room, we will try to arrange to connect with you via ALA Connect, during the specified meeting time.

Melissa DAgostino (non-member)'s picture

Thanks so much!