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Sherry Machones's picture

GLBTRT Membership Promotion Chair Report - ALA Annual 2014

In the time since the ALA Meeting in Philadelphia:

  • ALA Midwinter: Past: Getting committee members to be at the conference is still challenging. Since many committee members do not use ALA Connect, I have worked on getting contact information on committee members (name, email, phone, social media).  Future: There is still confusion as to what is the top priority at conferences, and the ability to make our efforts successful. Being present at the Membership Pavilion has not been a successful venture. The Membership Pavilion is very cramped and we had to share our display for the last two conferences. It also feels awkward to approach people there. We have had tremendous success at the diversity fair at Annual, and we should have a presence at events like the diversity fair.
  • Promotion: There has been no movement on a secondary brochure to entice allies. We are waiting for direction on how to proceed if this is still of interest to the Board.  
  • Membership: We put a lot of work into gaining new members at Midwinter, and especially Annual. Membership numbers are still higher than last year. If we want to make a big push for new members, we need to work on getting and retaining the student population. In the past 6 months, the student population is the only demographic that is consistently lower than last year.
  • Buddy Program: This year we were tasked with running the Buddy Program. We had a great response rate from members that wanted a buddy. We were short on members that wanted to be a buddy. I contacted some Board members to see if they would volunteer. I would like to see more member participation in the future.
  • Emerging Leader: There was a plan developed by a current, a future Board member, and myself to propose an Emerging Leader project. The Board moved to sponsor an Emerging Leader this year. The Board also chose to work on an adult GLBT toolkit for libraries, and that the Emerging Leader project could focus on a youth GLBT toolkit. To my knowledge there has been no movement on this, but I feel this is a very important piece for the membership committee to be a part of.

I welcome suggestions or additions to this report.  I will be in Vegas and hope to see you all there and pass the baton to the next Chair.

Respectfully Submitted,

Sherry Machones