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Budget and Development agenda Annual 2014

RBMS Budget and Development Committee
ALA Annual Meeting 2014
Saturday, June 28, 2014
1:00 pm-2:30 pm
Bally’s—Palace 5
1. Introductions and announcements; review of committee roster
2. Review of agenda
3. Appointment of recorder
4. Review and approval of Midwinter 2014 minutes
5. Leab Award Fund Report
6. Leab Award long-term funding plan
7. Preconference budget reports
a. 2014 Las Vegas
b. 2015 Oakland
8. RBMS Preconference Scholarships update
a. 2014 results of fundraising
b. Supplemental funding (grant)
c. Fulfilling future workplan
d. Ongoing funding discussion
9. Proposals for use of Section funds
a. Printing postcards for ALA Annual Program, Las Vegas (reimbursement)
b. Printing postcards etc. for Diversity Committee
c. RBMS website redesign (approved)
d. Leab endowment buildup
10. ACRL Budget & Finance update
11. B&D FAQ
12. Other