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ALAPlay 2014

I wanted to share an update on the AMAZING event that ALAPlay is shaping up to be.

Cos-Play and Graphic Novels

Our theme this year is "Welcome to Nightvale" and attendees are encouraged to dress as their favorite characters from the event. We will be having Welcome to Nightvale theme crafts (and library cards!), Comic Jam / Collaborative comic (which will get printed at the Zine Pavilion the next day!).

Info and Sharing:

Matthew Murray will be bringing the automated, Raspberry Pi powered Readers' Advisory machine that he's made, and we'll have it print out graphic novel/comic book recommendations. 

PJ Bentley will have a be sharing on Gamers Advisory at the event as well.


Children’s book author/illustrator, Eric Wight that he will be there demoing an early version of his upcoming game Beastie Bash, which will be re-launching on Kickstarter in the fall.

Mayfair Games, publishers of a wide berth of games including Settlers of Catan, will be there running demos of their games.

Eagle/Gryphon Games, publishers of Fantastica, Incan Gold, and more will be there demoing their games.

Paizo Publishing, publishers of the wildly popular Pathfinder, will be there running a preview of the new adventure path "Skull and Shackles" for their Adventure Card Game line.

SET Enterprises, publishers of SET, Quiddler and more, will be there demoing their games.



 Add it to your schedule!

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And here's the facebook event!