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Annual Conference 2014 Board of Directors Meeting Documents (PLA)

Public Library Association

Board of Directors Meeting

ALA Annual Conference

Saturday, June 28, 2014

1:00-4:00 PM

Location: Las Vegas Convention Center, Room N219

Agenda: Additional items may be added to the agenda prior to the adoption of the agenda. Items also may be moved from the Consent Items to become a discussion item. While not agenda items, policies related to Board service and the PLA Strategic Plan http://www.ala.org/pla/about/strategicplan have been posted to ALAConnect (http://connect.ala.org/node/114854) as reference materials.

Board roster

Please save the documents to your laptop or tablet. We cannot guarantee wifi or electrical outlets in the meeting room.

PLA at ALA Annual Conference: http://www.ala.org/pla/education/alaannual

Review committee rosters and charges from this page: http://www.ala.org/pla/about/committees

PLA President's Report: http://www.ala.org/pla/sites/ala.org.pla/files/content/about/board/carol...

Agenda AC rev.docx28.48 KB
2014.68 Spring 2014 Draft Actions.docx33.14 KB
2014.69 Awards Report.docx19.43 KB
2014.70 Continuing Education Report.docx14.9 KB
2014.72 Digital Learning Center Report.docx25.2 KB
2014.73 Membership Report.docx33.82 KB
2014.74 Nominating Committee Election Slate 2015.docx13.64 KB
2014.75 PLA 2014 Report.docx27.36 KB
2014.76 PLA Election Results 2014.docx14.07 KB
2014.77 Public Libraries Magazine Report.docx33.63 KB
2014.78 Publications Report.docx18.83 KB
2014.79 Technology Report.docx36.9 KB
2014.79 suppl. Divisions Google Analytics comparison AC 2014_INCLUDING PLA 2014 & PL ONLINE (2 pgs).pdf212.94 KB
2014.80 ALA Washington Office Report.docx37.25 KB
2014.81 Fall Board Meeting.docx18.66 KB
2014.81 A-B Fall Board Meeting -Strategic Planning Process 6-5-14.docx16.46 KB
2014.81 Attachment C Fall Board Meeting- Strategic Planning Process 6-13-14.pdf27.86 KB
2014.82 PLA Strategic Plan Draft 6 13 14.docx186.4 KB
2014.82a PLA Draft Strategic Plan, Appendix B.pdf301.96 KB
2014.83 Boot Camp Review.docx20.12 KB
2014.83 suppl. Boot Camp Follow Up Results 061214.pdf138.72 KB
2014.84 Financial Analysis Overview FY 2014 thru April 2014.docx13.95 KB
2014.85 YTD FY13-14 as of April 2014.xlsx19.65 KB
2014.86 FY 2015 Budget Summary.docx27.8 KB
2014.87 PLA Councilor- Review of ALA Council Agenda.doc42 KB
2014.88 ALA Erate Strategy VersionJune09.docx47.17 KB
2014.89 ALA Center for the Future of Libraries - An Overview.doc38 KB
2014.90 Emerging Leaders Projects.docx25.84 KB
2014.90 suppl. EL_Campaigns That Made a Difference.pdf12.79 MB
2014.71 rev. Committee, Task Force and Advisory Group Biannual Reports.docx48.17 KB
2014.91 Eva Poole Resolution.docx167.48 KB