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DRAFT 2014-06 GLBTRT Executive Board Meeting Agenda & Notes

This document holds meeting minutes in spaces at the end of each agenda item.  The minutes for this meeting will be approved at the June board meeting.  Please share agenda/minutes amendments to the board email list.  Non-board members can submit amendments via the board contact form.

Friday, 13 June 2014, 10-11 a.m. central time
Location: Conference Call

  • Dial - (605) 475-4700
  • Enter Access Code - 974507#

Attendees:  Vess, Hansen, Symons, Hepburn, Coyl, Romans, McNeill, Johnson.

1. Call to Order (Roland)

Minutes: The meeting was called to order at 10:10 A.M.

2. Introductions (Roland)

Minutes: n/a

3. Approval of Agenda (Discussion, Vote) (Roland)

Minutes:   The agenda was approved as written.

4. Approval of Previous Board Meeting Minutes (5 mins)

Action: Approve minutes from May board meeting.  Share amendments out on board email list if possible.

Item Facilitator: Andrew Johnson

Vote: Yes

Background Information:

Minutes / list of amendments: Corrections to the last minutes were called for. A question was raised about item #7 the discussion on gender-neutral restrooms. Was any action item proposed?  There were  no action items so the minutes were declared accepted as published.


5. Amendments to the GLBTRT Leadership Responsibilities Document (15 mins)

Action: Adopt amendments to the GLBTRT Leadership Responsibilities Document as posed in the below linked document called, "PDF Version of April to June Amendments - Shows Amendments."

Item Facilitator: David Vess

Vote: At April May 9th Board Meeting

Supporting Information: Absorbed a few amendments as posed in the May meeting.

Minutes / list of amendments: Item #5 on the agenda, the Amendments to the GLBTRT Leadership Responsibilities document, was the next order under discussion. The document has been worked on since April. As it stands now, it reflects any changes recommended. There was general approval from the board members present on the document. Adoption of the document was moved (Vess), seconded (Hepburn) and approved unanimously.


6. GLBTRT Board Meeting Norms First Reading (10 mins)

Action: This item was deferred to this meeting from May.  I bring this to group for discussion.  If the board likes it, I'd like to take amendments and bring it back to the meeting at Annual.

Item Facilitator: David Vess

Vote: No

Supporting InformationDRAFT GLBTRT Board Meeting Norms Document [Word Document, 2 Pages]

Minutes: Item #6, the GLBTRT Board Meeting Norms document was next on the agenda. Vess shared his draft of a meeting process guide, establishing three roles (facilitator; note-taker; and time keeper / parking lot attendant).  The roles maintain a steady flow of crafting good meeting agenda items, good agendas with all pre-work included, simple minutes, and uses a parking lot list of agenda items.  It also includes a one-page guide to Sturgis’ Standard Guide to Parliamentary Procedure.  The board felt it can be a useful document. It was felt that the document should be put back on the board meeting for August.  It was suggested that the new board use it as a guideline to see how the new board members, who will be unfamiliar with the usual conduct of meetings, feel about it.


7. Discussion about Future Agenda Items (10 mins)


    1. What items should be on the agenda item parking lot?  
    2. What should we discuss at Annual Conference?

Item Facilitator: Roland Hansen

Vote: N/A

Supporting Information: Read Items in Parking Lot: http://connect.ala.org/node/214246

Minutes: Item #7, announcements, was a call for items to bring up at the annual conference. Does anyone have any ideas for the general membership meeting? Hansen proposed a discussion of how we spend the RT budget. Hansen would like to put out guidelines before the meeting for attendees to read. It was noted that there is a need for more volunteers to work on the RT committees; how to get them is a recurring problem. Hepburn said he should be able to give a report at the end of the general membership meeting on actions in Council. In a review of the items on the parking lot list, item #2, the charge for the fund-raising committee, is to be dropped; item #4, the policy on letting people who cannot attend committee meeting attend electronically, needs to be re-done;   item #5, the gender-neutral restrooms, is on the annual meeting agenda; the board meeting norms will be moved to the August board meeting.


8. Announcements

Minutes: n/a

9. Adjournment

Minutes: The meeting was adjourned at 11 A.M.