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2014 Spectrum Institute activities

Tags: Institute | 2014

I and the 2013-2014 Spectrum Scholars are extremely excited for this year's Spectrum Leadership Institute and would like to thank all members of the Spectrum Advisory Committee for the exceptional vision and leadership you provided throughout the past year.  In a short time you helped significantly transform how the Leadership Institute curriculum is developed, delivered and marketed to the many supporters and potential supporters of the Spectrum Scholarship Program -- bravo.

Spectrum sessions in the Scheduler:

My special thanks to Ben Rodriguez for advocating for the need for higher visibility for Spectrum within the conference landscape, through his stewardship and the support of our donors we have secured a page in the conference program book that highlights the key Spectrum events taking place at conference (please see attached).  My apology to Spectrum Scholar and frequent Institute contributor Alanna Aiko Moore for the incorrect spelling on her name. 

I would also like to thank everyone your support and promotion of our new proposal system inviting Spectrum alumni to collaborate with other alumni with whom they may or may not previously worked as well as broadly with other professionals to develop the Spectrum Leadership Institute curriculum.  Special thanks to Deana Greenfield for developing the online proposal submission system.  We were delighted be every proposal and are very excited for the selected sessions.  We also look forward to working with every team that submitted a proposal to deliver their content to the Spectrum and ALA community in some fashion moving forward. 

Last but not least, thanks to the many Spectrum alumni who have contacted the Office to offer their help and time to support new Scholars and the Institute, as well as to all we have learned through administering the IMLS funded Knowledge Alliance recruitment network --  we have created a hopefully simple mechanism for everyone interested in supporting new professionals from programs such as Spectrum at the conference and beyond.  If you are interested in connecting with professionals onsite, we invite you to do so in a number of ways by filling out this interest form: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/meetyourallyVegas14

Please note contact information provided through this form will be shared with a *minimum* of 50 current Spectrum Scholars onsite and may be further shared out by them with their network.  We appreciate your honest and thoughtful communication about your interests and availability to volunteer your time at the conference.  Spectrum alumni who complete this form and volunteer onsite are additionally invited to attend the icebreaker to meet the current class at the beginning of the Institute (http://ala14.ala.org/node/15614) or to visit during our group breakfast with the Gates Millennium Scholars (http://ala14.ala.org/node/15615 - note breakfast is not included) to introduce themselves to our 2013-2014 Scholars.

Have a wonderful conference and enjoy the connections you make...what happens in Vegas shouldn't stay in Vegas!


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