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GLBTRT Web Committee Report - Annual 2014

Recently Completed Activities

  • Committee member Freeman transitioned the WordPress theme for the GLBT News blog to a new responsive theme called Kassi. The new theme is optimized for display on phones, tablets, and the desktop.
  • Committee member Freeman oversaw a transition of the GLBTRT Newsletter from PDF format to individual GLBT News blog entries.
  • Committee members Snell and Isaak performed regular content updates to the RT website for elections, conferences, web forms, etc.
  • Committee member Boeree continued to supply content to our social media feeds.
  • Committee member Boeree updated the LibraryThing account after the release of the Stonewall book awards, the Rainbow book list, and the Over the Rainbow book list.
  • Committee member Isaak deleted the GLBTRT MySpace account as it had not been used in many years.
  • Committee member Isaak worked with Don Bell to update the Religion and Spirituality Bibliography webpage and workflow.
  • Committee member Isaak worked with ALA’s Rob Berquist to resolve the import problem with the Twitter tab on the front page of the RT website. 

On-going Activities

  • Feature Slides on front page
    • Consulted with the ALA Design office on pricing to have them develop six re-usable feature slides and a custom header for the RT Site (similar to what GameRT has done - http://www.ala.org/gamert/). The estimates from the design office are:
      • $300-$400 to design the feature slides
      • $400-$500 to design the custom header and CSS color scheme
    • Committee member Isaak will meet with the RT Executive Board on June 13th for more instructions.
    • Another possibility is to ask an RT member to volunteer to design slides. 

Upcoming Work

  • Transition the other three RT blogs to responsive themes.
  • Scan and upload the older RT newsletters (in conjunction with the News Committee).
  • New Committee members to take the ALA Drupal training.
  • Areas of responsibility will need to be assigned to the new Committee roster.
  • Review and update the procedures manual.
  • Creating a Flickr account to host RT images.

Committee Staffing

  • Discussions held with the RT chair and chair-elect about getting the committee up to six members, each serving two year terms, with half cycling off each year.
  • David Isaak, Kate Boeree, and Jeremy Snell have agreed to stay on for one more year (2014-2015) to help start the new staggered rotation.
  • Jeremy has volunteered to serve as committee chair in 2014-2015.  

Committee Roster

  • David Conners Isaak (Chair, July 1, 2012, to June 30, 2014)
  • Kate Boeree (Member, July 1, 2012, to June 30, 2014)
  • John Mack McGowan Freeman (Member, July 1, 2012, to June 30, 2014)
  • Jeremy G. Snell (Member, July 1, 2013, to June 30, 2015)