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2014 AC Draft Board Agenda

 6/10/14 Edit: Made this draft agenda public. - J. Blyberg.

6/23/14 Edit: Updated for consistency with PDF version. - A. Yelton.



2014 Annual Conference

Las Vegas



Please note the following documents which inform every Board meeting:

Conflict of interest statement

Guiding principles

All the Board documents are available in the Board Connect community, Files > 2014 Annual Board Meeting folder.


First session

Saturday, June 28, 2014, 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm, LVCC-N217 

TOPIC:  Call the meeting to order and move into Executive/Closed Session

Leader:  Cindi Trainor Blyberg


TOPIC:  Approve 2015 Election Nominating Committee appointments.

Leader:  Rachel Vacek                                                                                                                Action Item


TOPIC:  LITA Director at Large selected to serve on Executive Committee next year.

Leader:  Rachel Vacek                                                                                                                Action Item


TOPIC: Executive Director review

Leader: Cindi Trainor Blyberg 


TOPIC: End closed session.                                                                                                         Action Item


TOPIC:  Open Board meeting, Announcements (*), introduce guests

Leader:  Cindi Trainor Blyberg          

*Announcement:  The LITA Board has made the decision to live stream and record this meeting. By participating in this meeting you agree to give LITA permission for us to stream your words and image and to reuse them in any medium. This announcement has been posted on the door as well for anyone who joins the meeting in progress.


TOPIC: Meeting Agenda

Leader: Cindi Trainor Blyberg                                                                                               

Outcome: Decide changes to the order of the agenda and/or additional items


TOPIC:  Tickler List

Leader:   Cindi Trainor Blyberg

Outcome:  Volunteer needed to capture “to do” items and share them with the Board


TOPIC: Consent agenda:  (These items are approved with one motion; any member may request any item be removed from the consent agenda for separate action.)

Leader: Cindi Trainor Blyberg                                                                                               

Confirm electronic votes taken since the last Board meeting:

  • Approved Online 040914 Meeting minutes
  • Approved Bylaws & Organization Committee motion re formation of a LITA User Experience IG.
  • Approved Board empowering WCC to appoint a Blog Manager.
  • Approved 2014 Midwinter Conference minutes,


Accept the following reports:

                                                                                                                                          Action item

TOPIC: ALA Executive Board Liaison to LITA (1:45)

Guest: Dora Ho

Outcome: update from the ALA Executive Board


TOPIC:  Remove fundraising from Financial Advisory Committee charge (revised charge)

Leader:  Zoe Stewart-Marshall

Outcome:  Creation of a Fund Raising Committee


TOPIC: Budget Review

Leader: Zoe Stewart-Marshall, chair, Budget Review Committee

Prework: FY15 draft budget (B2014-14)

Outcome: approve FY15 budget                                                                                                 Action Item


TOPIC: 2015 Endowment interest recommendation

Leader: Zoe Stewart-Marshall, chair, Budget Review Committee

Outcome: endorse recommendation                                                                                           Action Item


TOPIC: Financial Advisory Committee update

Leader: Zoe Stewart-Marshall, chair

Prework: dues increase scenarios


TOPIC: Assessment and Research Committee dashboard (4:00)

Leader: Cindi Trainor Blyberg

Guest: Michelle Frisque, chair, Assessment and Research Committee


Second session

Monday, June 30, 2014, 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm, LVCC-N217 

TOPIC: Announcements, introduce guests

Leader: Cindi Trainor Blyberg


TOPIC: BARC Liaison (1:30)

Leader: Cindi Trainor Blyberg

Guest: Lori Goetsch 


TOPIC: Education (1:40)

Leader: Cindi Trainor Blyberg

Guest: Abigail Goben, vice chair, Education Committee


TOPIC: LITA Bylaws and Organization

Leader: Jason Griffey, Committee chair



Leader: Cindi Trainor Blyberg

Guest: Sherri Vanyek, director, ALA ITTS

Prework: ITTS report to ALA WAC


TOPIC: Board liaisons’ reports on Committees/IGs (maximum 3 minutes each; 3 to 5 top items and action items)

  • Cody Hanson: Assessment and Research
  • Andromeda Yelton: Education
  • Zoe Stewart-Marshall: Publications
  • Cindi Blyberg Trainor: 2014 Forum Planning
  • Rachel Vacek: Program Planning (Preconferences, Action Item), Technology and Access, 2015 Forum
  • David Lee King: International Relations (2015 IFLA Recommendation, Action Item), Awards Committees
  • Jenny Reiswig:  Membership/Development
  • John Blyberg: Top Technology Trends
  • Lauren Pressley: Web Coordinating


TOPIC: Emerging Leaders (3:00)

Leader:  Rachel Vacek, Leader

Guests:  FY14 LITA Sponsored Emerging Leaders:   Annie Gaines and Kyle Denlinger


TOPIC: ALA Council

Leader: Aaron Dobbs                                                                        

Outcome: update on Council activities


TOPIC:  Appreciation and recognition for outgoing Board members and passing of the gavel

Leaders: Cindi Trainor Blyberg and Rachel Vacek


Move into Executive/Closed Session 

TOPIC: Board Performance Assessment (4:00)

Leader: Cindi Trainor Blyberg

Prework: Assessment activity (in litaboar email), review LITA goals







Please note:  All Board documents are available at

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