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2014 AC Executive, Budget Review, Forum Steering Committees Meeting Agenda

 Library and Information Technology Association (LITA)

Executive/Budget Review/Forum Steering Committees Meeting

Las Vegas

Friday, June 28, 2014, 8:30—9:30 am

LVH-Conference Room 03




*Announcement:  The LITA Board has made the decision to live stream and record this meeting. By participating in this meeting you agree to give LITA permission for us to stream your words and image and to reuse them in any medium. This announcement has been posted on the door as well for anyone who joins the meeting in progress.

TOPIC: Meeting agenda

Leader: Cindi Trainor Blyberg, chair, Executive Committee                                                                        

Outcome: Decide changes to the order of the agenda and additional items


TOPIC: Forum 2014 update

Leader: Cindi Trainor Blyberg, chair, 2014 Forum Steering Committee

Outcome: Information


TOPIC: Forum 2015 update

Leader: Rachel Vacek, chair, 2015 Forum Steering Committee

Outcome: Information                                                                                   


TOPIC:  President’s Report

Leader:  Cindi Trainor Blyberg, chair, Executive Committee, and, President

Prework:  President’s Report (B2014-xx)

Outcome: Information


TOPIC:  Disbanding the Budget Review Committee

Leader:  Cindi and Zoe

Outcome:  Recommendation to take to the full Board


TOPIC:  Budget Review

Leader: Zoe Stewart-Marshall, chair, Budget Review Committee                                                                           

FY2014 Budget Report (B2014--x),

2015 Draft Budget Request (B2014--x),

Outcome: 2014 Endowment item recommendation and 2015 Budget to take to the full Board for vote


TOPIC: ALA Washington Office

Leader: Cindi Trainor Blyberg chair, Executive Committee

Guest: Emily Sheketof, ALA Washington Office Executive Director


TOPIC:  2014 ALA Planning Session in Chicago in October

Leader: Rachel


TOPIC:  Fall Executive Committee Meeting

Leader:  Rachel



Move into Executive Closed Session                                                                                    

TOPIC: Executive Director Annual Review

Leader: Cindi Trainor Blyberg, chair, Executive Committee, and, President                                                           

Outcome: Letter from LITA President addressed to Mary Ghikas with copy to Mary Taylor due July 29.



The Executive Committee documents are available at

The Board documents are available at