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ACRL EBSS Instruction for Educators Annual Meeting Agenda

ACRL EBSS Instruction for Educators Committee

ALA Conference Meeting

Las Vegas Hotel - Pavilion 11

Saturday, June 28, 2014

9:15-10:45 Committee Meeting, 10:45-11:15 Reporting Out and Wrap Up




1. Welcome and introductions

2. Approval of agenda

3. Completed rubric

  • The rubric is completed and posted on the website. Would we like to do anything more to promote it?

 4. Next project planning – Some possibilities:

  • Impact of the new IL framework on our committee work – The framework places more emphasis on concepts, assessments, and activities. Is there work we could do to assist EBSS members in implementing these ideas? What about the possibility of creating some IL activities that might be used for those working in teacher education? Or do we need to consider the possibility of revising the IL Standards for Teacher Education in light of the new framework?
  • Connecting the IL Standards for Teacher Education with the NCATE/CAEP Standards – NCATE and TEAC have merged into CAEP. We had talked about mapping these standards but the CAEP Standards seem more focused on programs rather than content. Our former NCATE liaison does not yet know whether she will be taking over as our CAEP liaison and cannot offer advice in this area as yet. Are there possibilities for us here? Or should we look at the InTASC Teaching Standards?
  • Common Core Standards – Could we identify IL skills listed in the English Language Arts Common Core Standards?

 5. Plan for meeting virtually for Midwinter

  • Do we want to do a conference call again? 

6. Adjourn