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Get Involved! --Seeking SLDTF Liaison

Would you like to be actively involved in GODORT's State and Local Document's Task Force?

We are seeking someone to fill a position as the SLDTF liaison for the Legislation Committee.

Here are the logistics: The liaison position is a two-year appointment. Liaisons are asked to attend the meetings of their committee, both at midwinter and annual, as well as the State and Local Documents Task Force meetings. They report to the committee on SLDTF activities that may be of interest, and also give a brief report at the SLDTF meetings on the activities of the assigned committee relevant to state or local government information. SLDTF liaisons are members of the task force steering committee. If an issue comes up that needs action in between the mid-winter meeting and annual conference, they might be consulted and asked to share opinions with the task force coordinator. Liaisons are also voting members of the committee they are assigned to, so you would be an active member of GODORT's Legislation Committee.

Please send me an email if you are interested in an appointment: hager_s@cde.state.co.us

Samantha Hager

SLDTF Coordinator-Elect