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LITA Assessment and Research Midwinter Report 2014

Tags: Minutes | 2014

LITA Assessment and Research Midwinter Report 2014

Submitted by Michelle Frisque, chair

Completed Projects

  • Library Techies that aren’t LITA/ALA members. Report was submitted to LITA Board on 12/15/2013.

In Progress

  • Education Committee collaboration. Education Committee requested help to conduct some assessment projects for their committee. Topher Lawton and Evviva Weinraub volunteered and are currently working on the project.

  • High Profile LITA members doing Webinars and web courses for other ALA Offices/Divisions. LITA Board members and LITA Chairs have been taking their technology related webinars and web courses to other ALA divisions/units. We want to learn why our leaders are taking their classes elsewhere. We hope to learn what makes the other distribution channels more appealing so hopefully LITA can make changes that would make our division more appealing for these types of programs. Based on the conversation at Midwinter we may also want to contact other divisions to better understand their practices. Will work with Education to prioritize their projects. See more at: http://connect.ala.org/node/211324#sthash.YoSvZgnp.dpu

  • How to Measure ITAL now that it is open access. Dale Poulter volunteered to work with ITAL editorial board on this project.

  • Update LITA Dashboards to reflect end of year 2013 numbers. (Michelle)

In the Future

  • LITA Guides. Publications committee wants to measure the impact or value of a LITA publication. Still need to identify a volunteer.

  • Environmental Scan. A longer term goal for our committee is to perform an environmental scan. We can begin to explore this idea and determine what it will entail. Then report back to you and the Board about how we want to proceed.

  • How the board can communicate with membership (was assessing the Streaming of Board meetings)

  • LITA Top Tech Trends (this would be done with the LITA Top Tech Trends Committee) While the Top Tech Trends committee reports on what each panel member top tech trend(s) we do not put an aggregate of TTT for the year. Educause has the horizon report which is top tech trends for Universities and ACRL does one for Academic Libraries but there is not one for Libraries of any kind. We have been asked to explore how we might go about identifying and reporting on the trends.

  • Membership Survey? More discussion with Board needed before moving forward.