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Maryland passes HB 653 in support of the Deaf Cultural Digital Library

Hear ye, hear ye...

Or, in this situation it's better stated, see ye! Come to see the Deaf Digital Cultural Library (DCDL) in the good state of Maryland and hopefully many more states will take up this worthy & long overdue resource spearheaded in 2008 by Alice Hagemeyer, President of FOLDA, then assisted by and advocated for by Alec McFarlane, President of Library for Deaf Action.

PRESS RELEASE, page 47. http://www.governor.maryland.gov/documents/BillsSigned140515.pdf

Thanks to all those who wrote in letters of support to the House Ways & Means Committee.
As chair of the Establishing Guidelines for Lib & Information Services to the American Deaf Community, I am
thrilled to witness the significant passing of this bill by Maryland's Governor O'Malley.
Jo Bertloff, MLIS
Interpreter for Deaf