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Upcoming ACRL Webcast – An Introduction to Data Management Plans (5/27)

Join ACRL for the e-Learning webcast, “An Introduction to Data Management Plans,” on Tuesday, May 27 (1:00 – 2:30 p.m. Central).

Data management is one of the hottest topics in librarianship due to the increasing number of funding agencies, both federal and private, that are requiring data management plans (DMPs) as part of the grant application process. Management of information and libraries are a natural fit but many librarians remain unsure of how they can effectively work with researchers creating DMPs.  Join two data management plan consultants as they provide a detailed guide to the basic principles of data management plan consultation that you can use to guide your own data management plan consultations. Discover how the skills and knowledge you already have can lead to a successful data management consultation. Participants will examine the elements of a data management plan, learning about data repository and preservation options, discuss the pros and cons of providing boilerplate language to researchers, and learn about tips and tricks for dealing with unique data management issues.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn the required elements of a data management plan in order to evaluate the data management plans of their researchers.
  • List specific resources related to data management plans, and data depositories, in order to formulate recommendations for researchers working on a data management plan.
  • List specific issues that must be addressed in a data management plan regarding long term preservation of data, file formats, and disposal of physical samples in order to evaluate whether or not all types of data, and their preservation have been addressed by a data management plan.

Presenters: Dee Ann Allison, Professor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Kiyomi Deards, Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Registration materials and details on the webcast are available on the ACRL e-Learning website; group registration and other discounts are available.  Contact mconahan@ala.org or call (312) 280-2522 with questions.