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GODORT Appointments

Hello GODORT members
As incoming chair of GODORT I am working on committee appointment for 2014.   There are quite a few openings, and I hope you will consider the possibility of volunteering.   Some appointments are made by the chair, others are liaisons from the task forces and are made by the coordinators.  Of course you must be a member of GODORT to serve on a committee.   
If you are interested in serving, please contact me.   Let me know what committee interests you, and whether you plan to attend both annual and midwinter conferences or not. Some committees have virtual meetings, especially at midwinter, so attendance at both meetings may not be essential.  While I hope to recruit some "new blood" to the committees, if you are currently on a committee and cycling off, but are interested continuing on that committee or in some other capacity, please contact me.
If you are interested in serving in one of the TF liaison positions, please contact the Coordinator elect of the appropriate task force.
Task Force Coordinators are:   FDTF, Tim Dodge (Auburn Univ); IDTF-Stephanie Braunstein (Louisiana State University); SLDTF -- Samantha Hagar (Colorado State Library)
The following committees will have openings in 2014.
Cataloging Committee:    2 chair appointments  + a liaisons from the FDTF and IDTF
Education Committee:     4 chair appointments + liaisons from  FDTF,  IDTF,  and SLDTF
Gov Info for Kids:            4 chair appointments +   liaisons from  FDTF,  IDTF,  and SLDTF
Legislation:                       2 chair appointments + liaisons from  FDTF,  IDTF,  and SLDTF
Program:                           liaisons from  FDTF,  IDTF,  and SLDTF
Publications:                     liaisons from  FDTF,  IDTF,  and SLDTF
Rare and Endangered:         3 chair appointments + Liaisons from FDTF, IDTF,  and SLDTF
Helen M. Sheehy
Head, Social Sciences and Maps Libraries
208 Paterno Library
Pennsylvania State University 
University Park, PA  16802
(814) 863-1347