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Report on the Summit on the Future of Libraries

Dear Colleagues:

I am pleased to present a report on the Summit on the Future of Libraries prepared by Nancy Bolt, coordinator for the Summit.  Our goal was to bring together thought leaders from the library community and from a broad spectrum of educational organizations, federal agencies, and foundations that work with libraries to begin a national conversation about the future and libraries.  The Summit was designed to provide a framework for the ongoing dialogue that will shape ALA's Center for the Future of Libraries.

I invite you to join our ongoing discussion about important trends that will impact all libraries in the coming years, and how we can best position ourselves to thrive in that future.

I would like to acknowledge the outstanding leadership provided by Summit co-chairs Pat Smith and Julie Todaro, Summit coordinator Nancy Bolt, ALA coordinator JoAnne Kempf, and Summit facilitator Paula Singer.

Barb Stripling

2013-2014 ALA President

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Here is a PDF version of the report.

Courtney Young
2013-2014 ALA President-Elect