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Brian Mayer's picture

GameRT Needs YOU for help manning our booth!

The GameRT will have a booth this year at Annual: Booth 2010, right next to LEGO! We need volunteers to help man the booth during the convention, handing out GameRt info and perhaps answering a few questions. We have two prestigious booth guests this year: Mayfair Games and Eagle/Gryphon Games will be in out booth demoing their products. 

If you are interest in helping the RT and hobnobbing with industry, then please offer some time for the booth. We have created a Doodle Poll with time slots to sign up for. 


Thanks for all of your help and support and I look forward to seeing everyone at Annual, ALAPlay and the RT sessions!

Matthew Murray's picture

I can be there for some of it, but we're still nailing down the schedule for the Zine Pavilion.

Donna Harris (non-member)'s picture

I am working with Newly Published (through Scholastic!) author Scott Bly. We were wondering if we volunteered some of our time to help man your booth, in exchange, we could make your booth our home base, somewhere to keep our goodies and promote his book SMASHER while helping get all your good stuff out as well. We are doing some interactive twitter/web/phone type games to promote SMASHER and give away some cool prizes. 

We are very excited to attend ALAPlay Friday night and also we have various interactive experiences that we are working on and  look forward to chatting with you about!

Let me know what you think about this idea!


Brian Mayer's picture

Unfortunately, the booth is already going to be tight with space as it is and I would hate to offer more. We are sharing the booth with 2 major game publishers. Sorry.