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David King's picture

LITA and Social Software - Emerging Leaders Project U, 2009 - my review

At long last, here's my EL project review. FTW!

I reviewed the 2009 Project U - on LITA and social software. The EL Team included Holly Tomren, Tracy Sutherland, Ligaya Ganster, and Chanitra Bishop.

Their goal was to help LITA use social media to connect with LITA members. Here are the recommendations LITA still needs to do something about (and a recommendation of mine at the end):

But first, a current listing of LITA social media accounts (that I could find):

Recommendations from the EL Team that we need to work on:

General recommendations:

  • Use a consistent username on all social media channels. Right now, we are using: ala_lita, bigwig, toptechtrends, litacamp, lita-bigwig, pix4lita, and LITA.ALA.
  • Include links to other social networks on each network you join, and link back to your main website from social media channels. We’re pretty spotty at this. On our social media channels, for the most part we are linking to the LITA blog. There are no links back to our social media channels on the LITA blog, and our main ALA LITA website lists some (but not all) social media channels, and those are hidden.
  • Use stats and insights to measure your progress. I’m not sure if we do this…?

Twitter recommendations:

  • URL link goes to the LITA blog. Is that ok, or should we point back to the ALA LITA website?
  • Both the LITA blog and the ALA LITA website need Twitter links on the main page of the website.

Youtube recommendations:

  • URL link goes to the LITA blog. Is that ok, or should we point back to the ALA LITA website?
  • Both the LITA blog and the ALA LITA website need Youtube links on the main page of the website.
  • post videos from conferences - we have started to do that.
  • post tutorials from members that highlight new tech tools. cool idea, but we aren’t doing it yet.
  • subscribe to other library related channels - we are not doing this
  • send friend requests on youtube - not doing this yet

Flickr recommendations:

  • Rename account and market the group account - I’ll add that the EL report stated they weren’t sure if the flickr account they found was an official one or not. Figuring that out should probably be the first step!

Now a suggestion from me: We need a taskforce or something for LITA social media.

This group would:

  • update the EL team’s recommendations (this report is 5 years old)
  • hunt down the owners/usernames/passwords of all LITA social media channels and put those in one handy-dandy place
  • Recommend which social media channels we should keep, which we should kill off, if we can rename any of them (and standardize a naming scheme for us), etc.
  • Work with the LITA and ALA web dudes to create links to LITA social media channels on each of those websites
  • Create some LITA social media engagement goals
  • Recommend a social media posting schedule and content that should be posted
  • Make recommendations as to who should run each social media channel (i.e., it should not be “I think Jason Griffey does this”).

So - thoughts? Discussion?

Andromeda Yelton's picture

I think something like this is a great idea. I know Rachel wanted to have a communications committee - perhaps these are the same ideas?  Rachel, wanna opine?

I've also seen in the ITTS roadmap that ALA is working on social media storytelling; maybe any group we have could coordinate with this effort.

LITA Board of Directors, 2013-2019; President-Elect, 2017-2018

David King's picture

I think the social media stuff could easily fall under a communications committee – makes a lot of sense.
David Lee King | Digital Services Director
Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library | tscpl.org
785.580.4601 | Twitter: @davidleeking


Aaron Dobbs's picture

Does the LITA office have all the pwds for the accounts David highlighted?
several need to be decommissionsed or repurposed.


"Always remember everyone is working to make the organization better in their own way."
-Eli Mina, ALA Parliamentarian