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Help me build a Connect survey

Hi, WAC -

I'm hoping to launch a survey about Connect and how we can improve it by the end of this month, so I'd love your input on specific questions to ask. Does anyone have expertise in building surveys? I'll probably use SurveyMonkey since that's the service ALA uses.

[Note that this is also another test to email content into our Connect group. Feel free to send your own questions and topics using a new email addressed to inbox+wac@connect.ala.org<mailto:inbox+wac@connect.ala.org> as further testing.]


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i think most are familiar with survey monkey

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Hi Jenny, I have a lot of experience in making surveys.  I'd be happy to help or do in anyway you wish.I have access to Qualtrics at my university.  I've not used survey monkey before but I'm sure it's dandy also and easy to use.



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What are your sorting factors?  Those will determine question types.  I have some experience with surveys and would be happy to help in any way I am able.

BJ McCracken

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I’d be happy to help develop and review questions. I have some (albeit limited) experience developing surveys for database assessment at MPOW.

om: ALA Connect [mailto:connect@ala.org]

John M. Jackson

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My only experience is also with Survey Monkey.


Betsy Fraser – betsyf@shaw.ca

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I’d also be happy to help develop and review questions.  


On 13 May 2014 19:25, ALA Connect connect@ala.org> wrote:

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First, I want to thank everyone who volunteered to help with the Connect survey. Second, I want to note that because we're still rolling out the new features, we've missed the optimal window to get feedback from academic and school librarians. Therefore, I've decided to wait until September to run the survey. The later date will also allow us to gather feedback about the new features since more people will have used them by then.

So I'll be in touch later this summer and we can build the survey together.

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I know this is on hold right now, but I just wanted to say that I've just come out of a two week intensive research in LIS institute and we spent the last two days talking about survey design and quant analysis. I feel pretty darn confident now in creating good surveys. So again, I'm here to help =)

John M. Jackson

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Thanks, John - you're hired! :)

Jenny Levine (staff)'s picture

I'd like to run the Connect survey during the month of September, so I'm hoping to get input and feedback about questions throughout August. To get started, I'll create a subgroup in Connect where those who have volunteered to help can work together.

If you're a new member of WAC and would like to help shape a general survey about Connect, please comment and I'll add you to the list. David, John, Betsy, and Erin - I already plan to add you.