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MARC Formats Transition Interest Group

Saturday, June 28, 2014
3:00 pm to 4:00 pm, US/Pacific

Gordon Dunsire and Deborah Fritz will give back-to-back presentations on the topic of interactions between RDA, MARC and BIBFRAME.

Title: RDA, MARC and BIBFRAME: transition and interaction

Summary: How do RDA, MARC 21, and BIBFRAME relate? MARC 21 treats a resource as a single entity, similar to ISBD, BIBFRAME uses two entities, and RDA uses four. How these entities interact is the key to understanding the issues facing cataloging in a linked data environment. How can four go into one? Can two go into four? The presentation describes ongoing work in aligning RDA elements with BIBFRAME and with MARC 21, how an RDA editing tool can input RDA and output MARC21, and discusses the outcomes to date.

Gordon Dunsire is Chair of the Joint Steering Committee for RDA, and has been involved in the development of RDA: Resource Description and Access since the 1997 Toronto conference on the future of AACR. He is also Chair of the IFLA Namespaces Technical Group, and participates in various projects and working groups that develop library and cultural heritage standards for use in linked data applications and the Semantic Web. He was formerly Head of the Centre for Digital Library Research at the University of Strathclyde, following a career in academic libraries as cataloger, systems librarian, and senior manager. He presents and publishes widely at international level (http://www.gordondunsire.com/publications.htm).
Deborah Fritz is a founder and co-owner of The MARC of Quality (TMQ, Inc), a provider of cataloging training and MARC record software, established in 1992. She is the author/co-author of two major works on cataloging using MARC, and is currently in the process of transitioning the company’s training from AACR to RDA, and expanding its software beyond MARC to RIMMF.

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