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Game Making IG Meeting at ALA Annual 2014

Sunday, June 29- 8:30am-10:00am in LVCC- N219- Game Making Interest Group

Five authors of the new title, Games in Libraries: Essays on Using Play to Connect and Instruct, will speak about games in libraries. Mary Broussard will discuss knowing when to create a library game and best practices for game design. Heath Ward will talk about using physical games related to literature, including a Marshmallow Gun War: Hunger Games Edition. Breanne Kirsch and Virginia Alexander will discuss an Agoge information literacy game for transfer students. Jason Battles will speak about ARGs in the library. Bohyun Kim will give an overview on educational games in medicine and healthcare and the role libraries can have in educational games. Two copies of the book will be available for review and will be raffled off during the session. Please let Breanne Kirsch know if you have any questions.