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Jenny Levine (staff)'s picture

Testing email INTO Connect groups

Hi, WAC -

If you're reading this email, it means we've successfully implemented a feature that lets you begin a discussion in a Connect group by sending an email to a specific address. In the case of our group, I've set up the address inbox+wac@connect.ala.org<mailto:inbox+wac@connect.ala.org> for us.

If all goes well, this message will get posted to our group under the heading "General News & Discussion" and an email notification will go out to everyone on the roster. As part of the test, I've included an attachment in the email, which you should be able to see if you click through to the Connect post. The title of the post is the text of the subject line.

I've also made this post public by inserting some special text into the email. It looks like this:

&#91; &#91;public&#93; &#93;

It doesn't actually display when you send the message (I had to use ASCII code to get it to display for you), so you just enter it anywhere in the email message.

Pretty cool, right?

When you email into the group, you lose the advantage of using the group headings, but we're also implementing the Solr search engine next week, which means searching Connect will retrieve better results so that should help mitigate the trade-off.

If you get this message in your email, please reply with a comment that you received it to help continue with the testing. Please also feel free to send a new message to the whole group by emailing the WAC address so that we get a wide base of testing. For example, you could email an agenda topic for discussion at Annual. You can include the public token or not to make sure it works both ways. As always, feedback is appreciated!


P.S. Note that it takes up to a half hour for your email message to get posted to the Connect group, so it's almost-instant-gratification.

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Erin Boyd's picture

I received the message in my email! :)

Veronica Arellano-Douglas's picture

Hello! I received this email. Very cool!

Courtney McDonald's picture

me too! very cool - thanks for all your hard work! :)


Betsy Fraser's picture

Message received.Betsy

Sent from my iPad

John Jackson's picture

Message received. 5 x 5.

om: ALA Connect [mailto:connect@ala.org]

John M. Jackson

Erin Rushton's picture

Received !
Sent from my iPhone
On May 9, 2014, at 15:10, ALA Connect connect@ala.org> wrote:

David Vess's picture

 Nice!  Got the message. [ [public] ]


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I also received it via e-mail.

BJ McCracken

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Hi thereGot the message in my email inbox last week - Simon

Date: Fri, 9 May 2014 15:10:07 -0400
To: sy_max_guy@msn.com
Subject: [ALA Connect] ALA Website Advisory Committee - Testing email INTO Connectgroups (new)
From: connect@ala.org
Catherine L. Nelson's picture

I too have received the message in an email.

Cathy Jo Nelson, NBCT, MLIS
School Librarian, Paul M. Dorman High School
Spartanburg District 6
Roebuck, SC