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Advocacy Mockup

Note: We think it might be most useful if the subheadings reflected issues LITA members care about rather than the current divisions, but include general advocacy training as well. Digital Edge is advocacy training most specific to LITA.

Advocacy & Issues

LITA advocates for and participates in the adoption of legislation, policies, technologies and standards that promote equitable access to information and technology.

ALA Training and Tools

Reports and Resources

Issue suggestions (x denotes multiple people suggested):

transparency of how personal data are collected/used x

Opt-out of personal data X

Commitment to standards for data exchange

Security x

open source-ability

Diversity in technology

Surveillance x

Privacy x x

Net neutrality x

Broadband access


Digital Rights Management

Open access/open research data

Copyright x

Right of first sale

CFAA reform (Computer fraud and abuse act)

ECPA reform (Electronic Communications Privacy Act)

DMCA reform (Digital Millennium Copyright Act)

CIPA/COPPA reform (http://www.ala.org/offices/oif/ifissues/issuesrelatedlinks/cppacopacipa)

Digital Divide x



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Made the basic edits we discussed, and will work on building out additional sections over time.