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Announcing 2014 GODORT Election Results

Please join me in congratulating the following individuals, especially Stephen Woods -- and thanks to all of you wonderful people reading this message for contributing to GODORT in a myriad of ways!

Assistant Chair/Chair-Elect: Stephen Woods

Secretary: Linda Spiro

Publications Committee Chair-Elect: Kevin McClure

Awards Committee: Laura Harper, Lynda Kellam, Lou Malcomb

Bylaws Committee: Elizabeth Psyck, David Utz

Nominating Committee: Celina Nichols, Laura Sare

FDTF Assistant Coordinator/Coordinator-Elect: Justin Otto

IDTF Assistant Coordinator/Coordinator-Elect: Susan Paterson

SLDTF Assistant Coordinator/Coordinator-Elect: Jenn Huck

GODORT's proposed bylaws change passed, 99.5% to 0.5%.

-- For tabulated results, see attached file.

-- For complete ALA tabulated results, visit http://www.ala.org/aboutala/sites/ala.org.aboutala/files/content/governance/alaelection/2014/ALA%20Division-Section-Roundtables.pdf

Respectfully submitted,

Cass Hartnett, Chair, GODORT Nominating Committee

2014 GODORT Election Results215.74 KB