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Long Live Libraries (and our patrons)

Committee member Jane Salisbury wrote a thoughtful, engaging piece for the OLAQ: Oregon Library Association Quarterly. My favorite quote:

Retiring assumptions does not mean ignoring reality. The most successful services for older adults do not deny the realities of aging, which can include losses and impairments, mental and physical. They also do not deny the rich curiosity and experience of older adults, the continuing need to learn and create. Librarians need to understand how to communicate with patrons who have cognitive impairments, and physical limitations such as hearing loss and low vision. We also need to treat our patrons as intellectually curious, ready to take on new challenges and creatively engaged.

The entire Spring 2014 OLAQ has a theme of Libraries Across the Lifespan, and is available online: http://commons.pacificu.edu/olaq/ 

Thanks for your good work, Jane!