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2014-05 GLBTRT Executive Board Meeting Agenda & Notes

This document holds meeting minutes in spaces at the end of each agenda item.  The minutes for this meeting were approved at the June board meeting with no amendments.

Friday, 9 May 2014, 10-11 a.m. central time
Location: Conference Call

  • Dial - (605) 475-4700

  • Enter Access Code - 974507#

Attendees: Vess, Hansen, Johnston, Symons, McNeill, Cervone, Johnson. Guest: Winkelstein 

1. Call to Order (Roland)

Minutes: The meeting was called to order at 10:04 CDT.

2. Introductions (Roland)

Minutes: Julie Winkelstein was not on the call at the opening of the meeting but joined later for item 7.

3. Approval of Agenda (Discussion, Vote) (Roland)

Minutes:  The agenda was approved as distributed. 

4. Approval of Previous Board Meeting Minutes (5 mins)

Action: Approve minutes from March and Midwinter Meeting.  Share amendments out on board email list if possible.

Item Facilitator: Andrew Johnson

Vote: Yes

Background Information:

Minutes: The minutes of the midwinter meeting and the March board meeting were discussed with changes noted and approved. Vess and Johnson will work to update the above documents.   

5. Amendments to the GLBTRT Leadership Responsibilities Document (15 mins)

Action: Adopt amendments to the GLBTRT Leadership Responsibilities Document as posed in the below linked document called, "PDF Version of Initial Amendments - Shows Amendments."

    • Initial amendments to the document are linked below.
    • Posed amendments will be added to the document as they are shared.
    • Amendments can be posed by board members or GLBTRT members.
    • Amendments must be posed on the GLBTRT Board email list or via the board contact form.
    • Please pose amendments in one of two ways:
      • in a word document with Track Changes turned on; or
      • in an email message with line number information.

Item Facilitator: David Vess

Vote: At April May 9th Board Meeting

Supporting Information:  The language in this document has a few spelling errors and some outdated language.  Changes in the Initial Amendments document shows those posed amendments from Vess.  Also posed are some general reporting expectations for board members.  Vess will try to add amendments to this document as they are posted on the board email list and via the board contact form.

Minutes: The first topic of discussion was the amendments to the GLBTRT Leadership Responsibilities document. It has been open for a discussion of possible changes for the last two months. [Since this discussion involved many different lines of text, I am reporting the proposed changes by line number in the order they were discussed]

Line 95: The word share should be removed. Possibly consult would be a better word. The whole phrase could be changed to: expenses of the social and submit changes for approval to the chair, and chair-elect if the costs differ substantially from the submitted budget.

Line 114: After this line there should be a statement that only ALA staff can enter into contracts. This same statement should also be in the section for the entire board.

Line 57: Add the phrase: make appointments in collaboration with the chair-elect of roundtable committees.

In Line 69 all committees should be listed. Add phrase: in collaboration with the chair.

Line 158: A statement should be added to this section about what alternatives are available to the board if a member does not attend board meetings.


6. GLBTRT Board Meeting Norms Proposal First Reading (10 mins)


    • Introduction of this document to the board for discussion and amendments in the month ahead.
    • Motion to adopt the document as board procedure at the next board meeting, Friday 13 June.

Item Facilitator: David Vess

Vote: Yes

Supporting InformationDRAFT GLBTRT Board Meeting Norms Document [Word Document, 2 Pages]

Minutes: Item 6, GLBTRT Board Meeting Norms, will be discussed at the June meeting.  


7. Gender Neutral Restrooms at ALA Annual and Midwinter Meetings (15 mins)

Action: Discuss the following:  

1) the idea of requesting ALA conference services that ALA establish gender neutral restrooms at annual conferences and midwinter meetings -- in conference centers and headquarter hotels

2) the idea of GLBTRT creating a spot where there is a sign, small stickers, and some pens available for people who want to indicate their Preferred Gender Pronoun (PGP) on their conference badge.

Item Facilitator: Julie Winkelstein

Vote: Yes

Supporting Information:

Julie Winkelstein's write up in the SRRT Newsletter about gender neutral bathrooms http://www.libr.org/srrt/news/srrt186.php#11

Creating Change Document Examples:

    1. Talking Points for Briefing Hotel Management Staff on Trans Attendees [Word doc]

    2. Transgender/Gender Non-Conforming Etiquette and Inclusion [Word doc]

    3. Preferred Pronoun Sticker Station Signage [Word doc]

    4. National Gay & Lesbian Task Force Restroom Sign [PDF doc]

Minutes:  Gender-Neutral Restrooms was the next item on the agenda, presented by Winkelstein. Winkelstein stated that this item had been shared with Ghikas and Graller of the ALA Offices.

There was a general discussion on how we want to proceed with this topic. Do we want to prepare a packet of info to share with conference venues, hotels, etc.? What terminology do we use? Hansen asked for drafts to be submitted to him. The conversation broadened to include pronoun stickers for individuals to use which could be distributed at the social or at the professional area of the conference.


8. Announcements


At the Las Vegas conference it was noted that the social will be at the LGBT Center, which is about three miles from the convention center. Two caterers will be involved, one for food and one for alcohol. The LGBT Center Library is at the MGM Grand Hotel. It was proposed that copies of the book awards honor books be given to the library.

It was also noted that while the roundtable has not lost members, the number of members voting has declined.


9. Adjournment

Minutes: The meeting was adjourned at 11:04 CDT.