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Librarians Build Communities Membership Initiative Group

COO has received a petition to establish the Librarians Build Communities Membership Initiative Group.

This grew out of a recent Emerging Leaders project.  For additional information about this group's genesis and ambitions for the future, see http://www.ala.org/groups/lbc

They are eager to get going on this project as a MIG.  COO simply certifies that a group has secured at least 100 signatures on a petition and then Notifies the ALA Council that a MIG has been created.  Nevertheless, COO needs and opportunity to discuss this.  I propose two concurrent approaches to this:

  1. Add comments here to this Connect post (COO members only, please)
  2. A poll in Connect that is limited to COO members to vote yes or no on the question of whether or not this requires discussion at the Annual Conference.  A vote YES means you think we should defer action until late Jun and the Annual Conference; a vote NO means you don't think we need to wait until June but can instead inform the petition organizers and the Council in early May that this new MIG has been established.

Watch for the poll and please vote!


Librarians Build Communities Membership Initiative Group statement of purpose:

To provide library workers with information about skills-based volunteering so that they can plan and carry out volunteer programs benefiting libraries and other social service organizations in communities that can benefit from organized, targeted volunteer events.  Skills can include the skills that library workers exercise every day in their jobs (e.g., short-term cataloging projects, book repair, technology projects, story hours) as well as other skills such as painting, basic home/school/library building repair and improvement, carpentry, gardening and yard work etc.  Assistance includes, but is not necessarily limited to advice and toolkits on how to develop a relationship with a library or community agency that can host an event and how to plan, organize, manage, recruit volunteers, obtain needed supplies or equipment, evaluate results, and share lessons learned with the library community so volunteer initiatives can grow and become a viral form of library advocacy.  Skills-based volunteering can, literally, be grass roots advocacy.

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Thanks for getting this rolling, Jim.  In the spirit of full disclosure, I am the Member Guide working with this Emerging Leaders Team.  This is the 4th year of the project, with each team taking it a little further in the short time they have to work on it.  It was ALA staff that suggested the MIG route and, after some clarification about what that means in regard to sustaining the MIG, they are excited to go this route.  Thanks, Jim, for helping them get things in order for the MIG approval processes. The team -- and members from previous Emerging Leaders that had worked on this -- are very excited to be a part of the MIG.

I'm afraid I'm a bit too close to the project to have an unbiased opinion, so I will sit out this vote if that is okay with our Chair. 



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I apologize for having missed this message in an extremely backed-email file.  Has the poll been taken and I missed it or are you still looking for comments?