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Dale McNeill's picture


Hello all--


Please see Barbara's request below. 


Let me know who who you would recommend. It's fine, of course, to nominate yourself!  Our nominees should plan to represent the concerns of COD, not the body that you mostly represent on COD.


Please let me know by Wednesday morning, so that I can give a couple of names to Barbara by Wednesday evening.


Best regards,




Dale McNeill




April 2014


Charge:  The Task Force on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion will develop a plan and strategic actions to build more equity, diversity, and inclusion among our members, the field of librarianship, and our communities.  The most important Task Force outcome is the public and honest conversation that will be generated by its plan and recommended actions. 


The Task Force will be appointed in the spring of 2014 for a term to last through Annual Conference 2016.  The work of the Task Force should commence immediately once the Task Force is formed, so that programs and opportunities can be planned for the Las Vegas Annual Conference in 2014 if possible.


The following areas provide a framework for the Task Force plan, with other ideas to be provided by the Task Force itself:

1)      Develop programs and other opportunities for members to learn about and engage in the issue;

2)      Build strong advocacy and awareness at ALA meetings and conferences;

3)      Use the Orlando conference as a platform to provoke a national dialogue; 

4)      Collaborate with local Black and Hispanic/Latino community members and organizations in Orlando to determine the best ways for ALA members to be supportive of them.  This will include compilation of a list of African-American and Hispanic/Latino businesses in Orlando for ALA members to patronize;

5)      Develop communications directed toward the public;

6)      Support efforts by ALA to reach out to national organizations with vested interest in fighting racism and all forms of discrimination and in increasing equity, diversity, and inclusion in our society, as reflected in ALA Policy on Diversity B.3 (e.g., NAACP, La Raza, Urban League);

7)      Develop an assessment plan to measure the impact of Task Force efforts.


The Task Force will communicate its plan and actions to ALA membership before each Midwinter Meeting and Annual Conference during the term of the Task Force.  The Task Force will submit a final report based on analysis of actions and outcomes, with recommendations for ensuring that a continuing focus on equity, diversity, and inclusion is embedded throughout the ALA organization.


The membership of the Task Force will be inclusive of the following perspectives:

  • ALA Executive Board
  • ALA Council
  • AILA
  • CALA
  • ASCLA and Accessibility Assembly
  • ALA Committee on Diversity and Diversity Council
  • ALA Chapter Relations Committee
  • GLBTRT Roundtable
  • SRRT


Louis Muoz's picture

Hi Dale,

Thanks for your email regarding the Task Force. Since you mentioned that we could nominate ourselves, I'm taking you up on that! Nutshell refresher on me: Currently serving on Diversity Council; REFORMA National Secretary and past Co-Chair, Recruitment and Mentoring Committee, along with being REFORMA Northeast Chapter President; until recently, Juror on the Over The Rainbow Book List Committee; and various other ALA appointments.

Best way to reach me is via louismunoz@yahoo.com. Take care!

All the best, Louis.