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Notes from April 21, 2014 COMM conference call

Committee on Membership Meetings

Notes:  conference call

April 21, 2014


Discussion centered on three topic areas:



  • Ron Jankowski outlined the steps taken to date and the steps to come in publicizing the virtual membership meeting.
  • The real push for promoting the meeting will start on April 28.
  • Jankowski directed participants in the call to the virtual membership meeting page.  Committee members should review the page and send feedback to Jankowski and Lois Ann Gregory Wood by end of day Friday.


Topics for the virtual membership meeting

  • Peter Hepburn updated the committee on conversation he had had with Barbara Stripling regarding two topics areas:  diversity and the presidential strategic initiative.
  • Participants reviewed the brainstormed topics shared in a February 19 e-mail shared around the committee.
    • MOOCs/Online education and doing more with less were the  only two topics with multiple mentions in the list of topics
    • The committee decided to present the virtual membership meeting participants with a half-dozen topics to vote on.  The strategic initiative will be broken into its components to provide three topics.  The final list is as follows:
      • Diversity (especially with reference to the joint statement on Orlando 2016)
      • Doing more with less
      • Information policy
      • Library advocacy
      • MOOCs/Online education
      • Professional development
      • Other (please suggest)



  • Resolutions that do not get voted on by the end of the virtual membership meeting die.  Should the movers wish the resolution to return, it must be introduced as a new resolution at a future membership meeting.
  • Committee members will need to fill dead air in the virtual membership meeting.
  • Keep the conversation going by having responses or questions at hand, even if it’s as simple as saying, “I didn’t know about that – can anyone else tell me what they know about it?”
  • At the membership meeting at annual, committee members will be needed to take the head count throughout.