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The Universal Right to Free Expression

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I am supportive of this draft. I particularly commend the IFC for inserting language about the harmful effects of mass surveillance on free expression. 

The following insert appears on page three of the "marked up" version (bolding mind):


"There is no meaningful freedom for the individual without personal privacy. A society that does not respect the privacy of the individual will be blind to the erosion of its rights and libraries."

Did you mean "liberties" instead of "libraries"? That seems to make it flow better. 

Thanks again for your work on this interpretation. 


Daniel Cornwall

Alaska Chapter Councilor

Member, Depository Library Council


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I concur with Councilor  Cornwall that this interpretation is very strong and consistent with the intent of the LBR. You may think it slightly obsessive or compulsive, but I'm distressed with  the term "market" in the sentence:

We believe that everyone benefits when each individual is treated with respect, and ideas and information are freely shared, openly debated and vigorously tested in the market of public experience. I've always found the "market of ideas" phrasing to be troubling because it implies ideas are inherently bought and sold as commodities. I would feel better if a different and cost neutral term could be utilized, i.e. "area, zone, bubble, thoroughfare, network," etc. of public experience

Mike Marlin California State Library Braille and Talking Book Library Sacramento, CA

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Thanks for catching the Libraries/Liberties typo!


Thanks for the observation about "market."  I can see the problem but for good or ill, "market" is the term used in several landmark court opinions ("free market place of ideas") affirming thevalue and necessity of free speech.  So, until we get superceding precedents we're probably stuck with it.

Best wishes,

Doug Archer



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