ACRL Programs for the 2015 ALA Annual Conference - Online Discussion for Possible Collaborations

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    11:03am Jennifer Evans (non-member):

    Hi, everyone!

    11:06am Megan Griffin (staff):

    Hi Jennifer! Thanks for joining in today! Feel free to get us started by telling a bit about your idea(s) for a 2015 program.

    11:07am Megan Griffin (staff):

    Everyone can feel free to post here and if you can't stay, check back in later to check on the chat.

    11:21am Sara Russell Gonzalez:

    Hi Jennifer and Megan! I'm co-chair for STS and we're interesting in collaborating but haven't met yet as a committee to begin brainstorming ideas.

    11:26am Jennifer Cox:

    Megan- can programming ideas be outside of the conference center?

    11:28am Jennifer Cox:

    I'm he Chair of the Art Section planning committee and I think it would be interesting to do a walking tour of street/public art.

    11:30am Jennifer Cox:

    I'm also interested in partnering with other sections. I haven't gotten very far thinking in that direction yet

    11:31am Megan Griffin (staff):

    Hi Jennifer, Programs are conducted inside the conference center. What your description sounds more like a section special event, which is a separate process.

    11:31am Megan Griffin (staff):

    Sorry, 'you are.'

    01:05pm Jennifer Evans (non-member):

    I'm definitely interested in collaborating with someone.

    04:51pm Jennifer Cox:

    Ok, thank you for the clarification Megan

    Megan Griffin (staff)'s picture

    Interested 2015 program planners are invited to meet here on Friday, April 25 at 11 a.m. Central to discuss possible collaborations with other ACRL individual members and units.  This chat is visible to ACRL members in ALA Connect.

    More details about the ACRL program planning process are available at

    Megan Griffin
    ACRL Program Officer

    Megan Griffin
    ACRL Program Officer

    Julie Klauss's picture

    Hi Megan,

    I'll try and attend this online chat next Friday.  Sounds interesting.


    Julie Klauss