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Still time to plan for Preservation Week events

Preservation Week, a presentation of the Association for Library Collections and Technical Services (ALCTS), will be held April 27–May 3, 2014. Two free webinars will offered during that week: on April 29 affordable ways to preserve family keepsakes will be highlighted and on May 1, the session will cover the best ways to preserve scrapbooks. The webinars will each begin at 1 p.m. CDT and will last about one hour. Registration is required. Learn more at ALCTS Events.

Low-Cost Ways to Preserve Family Archives (Tuesday, April 29). Presented by Karen E. K. Brown, preservation librarian for the University at Albany, SUNY University Libraries. What can we do to protect our collectables from damage even if we don’t think we have a perfect place to keep them? Learn about possible risks from handling and the environment, and practical, inexpensive ideas to keep collections safe to help ensure what you have can be shared for many years to come. ALCTS thanks Archival Products for sponsoring this webinar an supporting Preservation Week.

Preserving Scrapbooks (Thursday, May 1). Presented by Melissa Tedone, conservator at Iowa State University Library. Scrapbooks can be challenging to preserve since they often contain a diversity of materials. Learn about common problems with long-term preservation of scrapbooks and identify the most stable materials and bindings for new scrapbooks. ALCTS thanks Gaylord for sponsoring this webinar and supporting Preservation Week.

There’s still time to learn how to create a Preservation Week event at your library. The recording of the Feb. 12, 2014 webinar, “How to Host a Preservation Week Event” is available at no charge any time. Simple ways to celebrate include:

invite your patrons to watch one of the two live webinar sessions or the webinar recording (which will be made available immediately after)

download and print bookmarks and flyers from our online Event Toolkit.

Be sure to share the details about your event by posting to our Event Map and Speaker Locator.

Or pose your most commonly asked preservation question to a preservation professional in our Dear Donia preservation advice column. Every question becomes an entry in our raffle for a free Document Preservation Kit from Hollinger Metal Edge.