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Screen Time Book Club Chapter 12

All right! Here we are at the last week of book club discussions! Thank you all so much for following along.

The last chapter we chose to look at together is Chapter 12: How Do Real Families Make Smart Media Choices? Lisa shares some of the strategies used by the families she interviewed, in terms of how they set time limits, decide when to turn the TV on (or share tablet time), paying attention to and limiting certain media content, steering around commericials & consumerism, where they put screens in the home, and turning off background TV.

There are a lot of real-world strategies out there and a lot of real-world concerns, both from parents and caregivers and librarians--you can see them in the comments of our discussions over the last month or so. You can see them in Betsy Bird's post this week: iPad Use and Babies: Throwing a Wrench in the Works.

So my last question for us is simple: How do librarians help families make smart media choices? We've actually been talking about this all along, but I want to focus on it again. What do YOU say about media in your conversations with families? How does YOUR library position itself as a source of reliable information? How proactive are you--very or not at all--in bringing up media decisions with the families in your community?

Are there any strategies that have helped you as you embrace--either enthusiastically or reluctantly--this role as expert? What tech and media-based programs and services have been the most popular with your families?

Let us know!