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Karen Schneider's picture

PBA Spring 2014 Survey - Report, 3/31/14

Attached is a synopsis of the spring, 2014 survey of past and present members of ALA's Planning and Budget Assembly. We encourage discussion. Big thanks to ALA Councilor Karen Downing for her content analysis of the open-ended questions. 

Karen G. Schneider and Aaron Dobbs, ALA Councilors at Large

PBA 2014 Survey Report237 KB
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Dear Karen, Aaron and Karen,

Belated thanks for putting together the PBA Survey.  I've just had an opportunity to read the report in its entirety.  Although I've never been a member of PBA, I can still see the big picture, thanks to your excellent analysis.  I appreciate the fact that you've given us _all_ the responses--no holds barred. I had no idea that the current PBA consisted of 85 members--many who are ALA councilors. I understand now.  I was intrigued by the idea of the ALA Treasurer being the chair of PBA and I really liked the idea of PBA having defined outcomes.  Overall, however, I'd have to agree with the idea that dissolving the PBA should be a realistic option if redundancy and lack of productivity continues into the next year. That's rare coming from me because I seldom like to dissolve anything; I prefer to save committees. I've thought about revamping PBA as an option, however, I don't think it'd solve the problem that one commentator made about the lack of data and unfulfilled requests, year after year.  Maybe it's outlived its usefulness. That's my honest opinion as an outsider, as someone who's never been part of the PBA. Anyhow, I hope you won't stop here.  I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next.  Thanks for your initiative.




Ann Crewdson


Karen Schneider's picture

I've posted some follow-on thoughts here

Karen G. Schneider