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Emerging Leaders Project M review

[This was originally posted to the listserv, but I'm copying it over here so we can link it from the agenda, and so non-Board-members can see it.]

“Make the committee appointment process transparent and clear, and involve LITA membership in setting the goals for committees and task forces, etc.”

“Develop “I am LITA” video or poster campaign during which members share their library background and why they value LITA” 

“Develop and advertise the tangible benefits available only to LITA members” AND “Display prominently LITA membership benefits for current and prospective members on website and other publicity materials”
--> These were given as two separate recommendations, but they're really the same. Also this will be mandatory if we do a dues increase proposal per the $TF report advice.

“Moderate listserv discussions, including threads designed for new members” (Note: we could also do this on Facebook and Twitter, e.g. #litachat.  And should.)

“Provide more opportunities for members to network, communicate, participate, and collaborate in LITA virtually (e.g. consider hosting virtual dine-arounds where LITA members would meet over dinner via Skype)”
--> Rachel and I also discussed doing this as a face-to-face thing outside of conferences - Houston and Boston probably both have a ton of LITAns, and it would be fun to meet up with them!