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Notes from February 19 COMM conference call

Committee on Membership Meetings (COMM)

Notes:  conference call

February 19, 2014


Theme for the Virtual Membership Meeting (VMM)

  • COMM members discussed such things for a theme as providing more service with fewer staff.
    • In a previous year there had been a list of 15 potential topics shared with registrants
    • The top three selected were community engagement, digital issues, and budget
  • COMM discussed gathering a list of topics one week before the VMM and sharing with Barbara Stripling and Keith Michael Fiels
  • During the conference call, Barbara e-mailed Peter regarding using the Reimagining ALA initiative as a focus for membership meetings
    • This was also suggested as a possibility by the committee members
    • The three focus points were library advocacy, information policy, and professional/leadership development.
    • Peter connected with Barbara post-meeting.  She agreed that it would be good to emphasize Reimagining ALA at both membership meetings.  Peter suggested that the themes from the initiative could be among the topics at the VMM.
    • Peter will follow up with Barbara.



  • COMM will need to promote the process, the earlier the better.  At this point, the process is not well-known.
  • Ron will post documents in ALA Connect regarding resolutions at the VMM


Spicing it up

  • The committee discussed using images or clips or similar things.  The VMM theme would influence which files might be used.
  • Ron and Lois Ann will follow up on how to do this with staff at ALA.



  • Promotion starts in early April
  • The committee will focus on this in the March conference call
  • The committee still likes the idea of viewing/participation parties
    • Parties could share photos on Twitter
    • These could also be used at Annual to promote as well as “jazz up” the in-person meeting.



Next conference call TBD