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2014 Diversity Council list of candidates for ALA Council

Dear colleagues,

The ALA Diversity Council, the representative body for ALA and ALA-affiliated organizations that promote the needs of traditionally underrepresented groups, compiles a list each year of members of our constituent organizations who are running for ALA Council.

These organizations include:

  • American Indian Library Association (AILA)
  • Asian Pacific Librarians Association (APALA)
  • Black Caucus of the American Library Association (BCALA)
  • Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA)
  • REFORMA (the national association to promote library and information services to Latinos and the Spanish speaking)
  • Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Round Table (GLBTRT), and
  • the following interest groups of the Association of Specialized and Cooperative Library Agencies (ASCLA):
    • Alzheimer's & Related Dementias Interest Group
    • LSSP (Libraries Serving Special Populations) Bridging Deaf Cultures @ your library Interest Group
    • LSSP (Libraries Serving Special Populations) Library Services to People with Visual or Physical Disabilities that Prevent Them from Reading Standard Print Interest Group
    • LSSP Universal Access Interest Group.

Below is a list of our members running for ALA Council  in the 2014 election. We encourage you to support our colleagues who share a commitment to diversity.

Many thanks to the Diversity Council reps and the respective membership coordinators and chairs for compiling the list!


Megan Drake

Chair, ALA Diversity Council



  • Denice C. Adkins
  • Mary Biblo
  • Vivian Bordeaux
  • Elizabeth Jean Brumfield
  • Tina Chan
  • Matthew P. Ciszek
  • Gerardo "Gary" Colmenar
  • Roberto C. Delgadillo
  • John C. DeSantis
  • Tyler Dzuba
  • Ed Garcia
  • Clem Guthro
  • Kathleen Hanselmann
  • Dora T.  Ho
  • Richard Huffine
  • Julius C. Jefferson Jr.
  • Xudong Jin
  • Em Claire Knowles
  • Charles E. Kratz
  • Chihfeng P. Lin
  • Rodney Eugene Lippard
  • Mike L. Marlin
  • Dale K. McNeill
  • Michael Miller
  • Jerome Offord, Jr.
  • Brenda Faye Pruitt-Annisette
  • Rhonda K. Puntney Gould
  • Ben Rodriguez
  • Daniella Smith


Louis Muoz's picture

I see some great colleagues there; good luck to all!

Candice Mack's picture

Good morning,

I'm not a candidate for ALA Council, but I am a candidate for YALSA President-Elect, 2014-2015. I am a past board member-at-large for APALA, a lifetime member of APALA, a current member of AILA, APALA, BCALA, and Reforma, a 2005 ALA Spectrum Scholar and a 2012 ALA Emerging Leader.  I'm also the project manager for the Los Angeles Public Library's partnership with Gale/Cengage and Career Online High School.

Best wishes,