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VRT Executive Board Meeting Minutes 2014.01.08

VRT Executive Board Meeting
Date & Time: Wednesday, January 8, 2014, 2-3:30pm EST
Location: Adobe Connect
In attendance: Danielle Alderson (ALA Liaison), Anthony Anderson (Chair), Andrew Horbal (Communications  and Website Committees), Laura Jenemann (Chair Elect), Shelly McCoy (Secretary), Scott Spicer (Past-Chair, Bylaws, Nomination Committees)

1.  Introductions
2.  Midwinter Update

a. Board Meeting Agenda - Anthony

Anthony received minutes from 3 Chairs: Scott Spicer, Michael Miller, and Chris (Lewis?).  Shelly to make 10-15 print copies of VRT Exec. Board minutes from the Annual meeting to have at the midwinter board meeting.
Andy will put the agenda on Connect and on front of the webpage. 

Jim Neal will report from the Exec. Board at our meeting.

Anthony will ask if the person chairing the Gala committee will continue until after Annual 2015.  There was a question if the Gala will be on Sun. and we decided to let the committee decide.

3.  Nominations - Scott 

Open positions are chair-elect and treasurer. We'll take nominations at midwinter and we'll post a call for those interested online.

4.  Bylaw Revisions - Scott 

 a. Q from Laura: Are we going to try for vote before Annual 2014?  This is a close turn-around.

Scott posted a Google doc of bylaws and only received a couple of comments. There's 5 or 6 major bylaw changes. Scott will create an exec. summary for midwinter meeting but believes there's not much that is controversial. The goal is for changes to take affect after Annual. This will not get on the ballot, which comes out in 3 weeks, but there's another mechanism to use to vote --at our meetings we just need 10 members there to vote.

5. Gala Committee - Laura for Monique Threatt

a.  What are the official commitment for Committee Members?  (For example: 2013-2015, or 2014-2016?)

b.  Should the Gala be Sunday 7-9:30pm?  This is the traditional time.

5.  Unfinished Business

a. Liaisons - Laura

1) ALA Connect page

An ALA Connect page for liaisons was created.

2) Job description

2 year appointment. 

Attendance at conferences

Michael Miller has said that he can renew his appointment at Annual, so we'll ask him.

3) Requirements for establishing relationship

This depends upon the formality of the relationship.

     b. Future VRT call agendas: should they be sent to entire membership? - Anthony

Not discussed.

6.  New Business

Andrew Horbal, Communications Committee, gave a report.

Laura said that she should ask how to preserve memory of the group.

No Feb. 5 meeting since so close to Midwinter.
Anthony asked that the minutes of this meeting and all those that follow be sent to VRT-L with an announcement of the next board meeting date/time.