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Emerging Leaders projects O & P review

As promised, Lauren and I reviewed EL projects O and P. Our findings for possible further action are as follows:

Project O: Conference Website

  • Many of the challenges LITA asked project O to address have improved significantly in the intervening years. Improvements to the conference scheduler and move to ALA-organized streaming in particular.

  • However, in Forum we have an opportunity to experiment further with some of these suggestions.

    • We’d encourage the Forum & Web Coordinating Committees to revisit Project O’s proposal

    • In the spirit of Project O, though it’s not one of their specific suggestions, can we consider opening the LITA Twitter account to Forum committee members during Forum, or a small set of folks during Annual (or beyond)?

    • Is there a scheduler for LITA Forums?

    • Pull in streams?

Project P: Communication Channels

  • Can we verify with Web Coordinating Committee that the wiki has been transferred to Connect?

  • The contrast between the content of the LITA blog and the ACRL TechConnect blog is striking. Nearly every post on TechConnect is the type of information that would be interesting to LITA members, much of it written by LITA members. Meanwhile the LITA blog, while dutifully updated by LITA staff with publication and event info, does not have the same compelling, member-driven feel.

    • What do we want the LITA blog to be?

      • Just a promotion channel for events and publications? Job done.

      • A tool for engagement? A venue to showcase the skills and interests of LITA members? Then we’re falling short. Should we reopen a conversation with ACRL about co-sponsoring TechConnect? Does the LITA blog warrant continued publication?

  • Four years later, it sure seems like listservs are still a crucial part of our communication and committee business infrastructure.

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In re the Twitter account, the Forum committee members shared it for Forum 13 (the whole committee had the password; anyone who felt Twittery used it).

This was a great thing.  I think we had about 200 new people follow the Forum account, some of whom are still occasionally interacting with it.  We were able to answer realtime customer service queries from attendees and interact with local community organizations' Twitter accounts to share info about events and attractions, as well as livetweeting content for the benefit of LITA members who couldn't be at Forum.  It was also a fun bonding experience for the committee.  And many hands made light work - it was a free, easy, and fun way to foster member engagement.

Frankly I'd go farther than this and say that @ALA_LITA (and Facebook) should be shared among the Board, Membership, and WCC, so we can have the same free, easy, fun member engagement year-round.

LITA Board of Directors, 2013-2019; President-Elect, 2017-2018

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Couldn't agree more.

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Thanks, Cody & Lauren, for posting your review and potential action items.

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I'm going to email you all the Twitter ID and password individually.  Tweet away, and use your power for good! :)