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FY2013 Preservation Statistics Survey now open

The FY2013 Preservation Statistics Survey, a project to document and analyze the preservation activities of cultural heritage institutions in the United States, is now available. Any U.S. library conducting preservation activities may complete this survey, which will be open through April 2014.

Preservation activities encompass a broad range of tasks to assure the long-term access to traditional and digital cultural heritage collections in libraries, museums, archives, historical societies and more. The Preservation Statistics Survey records how these preservation programs are administered (leadership, staffing, and funding) as well as preventive preservation activities (library binding, mass deacidification, environmental monitoring, disaster planning, outreach, training, and others), conservation activities, reformatting and digitization activities (including the preservation of sound recordings and moving image collections) and digital preservation responsibilities.

The FY2013 Preservation Statistics Survey, in its second year, is based on the Preservation Statistics survey program coordinated by the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) from 1984 through 2008. The Preservation Statistics Survey is a project of the Preservation and Reformatting Section (PARS) of the Association for Library Collections and Technical Services (ALCTS).

For additional information, including instructions, a worksheet, and the link to the FY2013 survey as well as the report and data for the Pilot FY2012 Preservation Statistics Survey, visit: www.ala.org/alcts/resources/preservation/presstats

Please contact the Preservation Statistics Survey team with any questions or feedback: preservationstatistics