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DRAFT 2014-03 GLBTRT Executive Board Meeting Agenda & Notes

This document holds meeting minutes at the end of each agenda item.  The minutes will be approved at the April or May board meeting.  Please share minutes amendments to the board email list.  Non-board members can submit amendments via the board contact form.

Friday, 14 March 2014, 10-11a.m. central time
Location: Conference Call

  • Dial - (605) 475-4700
  • Enter Access Code - 974507#

Attendees: R. Hansen, D. Vess, P. Hepburn, A. Symons, F. Cervone, L. Romans, A. Johnson.
Guests: R. Ridinger, K. Schneider.


1. Call to Order (Roland)

The meeting was called to order at 10:01 CDT. 

2. Introductions (Roland)

3. Approval of Agenda (Discussion, Vote) (Roland)

Call for amendments to agenda; none offered, agenda approved as distributed.

4. Approval of Previous Board Meeting Minutes (5 mins)

Action: Approve February meeting minutes

Item Facilitator: Andrew Johnson

Vote: Yes

Background Information:

Minutes:  The minutes of the Feb. board meeting were incorrect. In paragraph 4 there is a repetition of “was made” that needs to be deleted. In addition add “except for Peter Coyl and Amanda Clay” after members remain on committee. Minutes approved as amended.

5. Book List Committee Language (15 mins) 

Action: Discussion about the use of the word nominations by round table committees in our web presence. 

Item Facilitator: David Vess

Vote: No

Supporting Information:
The term nomination is often used to describe books under consideration for the OTR and Rainbow book lists.  I’ve seen this term misunderstood in social media by authors and readers.  The term is closely associated with elections and awards.  People interpret the use of the term to mean OTR and Rainbow committees are book awards.  The Stonewall committee removed the term from their nomination form a few years ago, preferring to name it a suggestion form.  I recall that Stonewall members at that time preferred to not use the term at all but I cannot recall the specifics.  I can look into this further if the board wishes.  I think we should ask the committees to refrain from using the term nomination and adopt other consistent language to note the books they are considering for their final bibliographies.

Related To GLBTRT Communications:
While I was web committee chair, I made an attempt to centralize contact information for all GLBTRT groups. I also launched contact forms for all groups, including the board: http://www.ala.org/glbtrt/about/contact

Minutes: The next item was a discussion of the language used by the book list committees: Over the Rainbow and the Rainbow Books.  Use of the word nomination leads many to believe the lists are awards. This change was moved, seconded and passed. 

6. GLBTRT Membership Promotion Committee Contact Letters (10 mins)

Action: Review these significant contact letters and make suggestions.

Item Facilitator: Larry Romans

Vote: No

Supporting Information:  These letters are used by the GLBTRT Membership Promotion Committee to communicate with new and returning members as well as say goodbye to those who didn't renew their membership.

Minutes: The next item was the membership promotion contact letters. Romans spoke about the process. The committee sends out four different letters; examples of the letters were sent to the Executive Board members prior to this meeting. The buddy program needs to be pushed by a Membership Committee member. There was also a discussion of the need to have a person at the booth in the exhibits. Thanks were expressed to Romans for keeping the Membership Committee going.

7. Amendments to the GLBTRT Leadership Responsibilities Document (10 mins)

Action: Discuss the posed amendment process for the document:

    1. Discuss this process at March 14 board meeting.
    2. Open document to amendments between the board meetings of 14 March and 11 April.
    3. Vote on posed amendments at 11 April meeting.
    4. Amendments must be posed on the GLBTRT Board email list in one of two ways:
      1. in a word document with Track Changes turned on; or
      2. in an email message with line number information.

Item Facilitator: David Vess

Vote: At April Board Meeting

Supporting Information:  The language in this document has a few spelling errors and some updated language.  There's a section in it that talks about the first year of the board, provisioning a mix of two year and single year terms.  Also added are some general reporting expectations for board members.

Minutes: Vess next spoke about amendments to the GLBTRT Exec. Board Leadership Responsibilities Document.  He posed a one-month long amendment process described above that will conclude with the board voting on the amendments at the April meeting.  The board accepted the proposal.  Vess noted he created an informal procedures manual over the last 4 years based on input from many people.  He suggested it could be used to start a procedures manual the board will need to work on and adopt.  He will bring it to a future board meeting.

8. Announcements


An announcement was made that a conversation has begun in Council to move the proposed 2016 conference away from Orlando, FL. 

Symons stated that there were no volunteers for the Finance Committee and only one for the Bylaws committee. 

There was a discussion of a new letter on matching funds to support the endowment for the Stonewall Awards. There is a question of who will pay for this mailing. We need the cost of the mailing from the treasurer.

9. Adjournment

Minutes: Meeting was adjourned at 9:56 A.M. CDT